Battle for Zendikar Pre-release

I bet everyone is freaking out about the return to Zendikar as much as we are. Starting Friday September 25th at Midnight (Technically Saturday the 26th) we will have our first Battle for Zendikar Pre-release Event! It is 30 dollars which will get you a sealed box (that is not color specific this time around) and whatever other goodies there may be. Our prize support tends to be more "shallow" than big. If you win at least 2 of your rounds out of the 3 that will be held, you will get prizes based on how many people attend.

Friday July 25th - Midnight
Saturday July 26th - 11AM
Saturday July 26th - 3PM
Saturday July 26th - 8PM
Sunday July 26th - 11AM

We got 90 boxes this time around for the pre-release so make it sell out. We've had some lack lustre events in the past and if it continues we'll have to reduce our ordering which is a loss for everyone.