New Roleplaying Groups

As summer approaches, we have two individuals who are looking to do something to pass the time. The first is our very own Ryan who wants to run a roleplaying group for those who "Wish to try roleplaying, get back into roleplaying, or are just generally new to roleplaying" given a variety of options. He wants to run this group on Mondays at a time that works for most of who are interested and will be running it in tandem with some other projects. Given this, he wants some feedback on what people would like to try. He's currently offering 5th Edition D&D, End of the World RPG, White Wolf, Legend of the Five Rings, and a few others by special request. He'd like to be emailed at or you can call the store at 303-545-1745 for more information as well!

Secondly, we have Alexandre who wants to get a group of people together to run D&D for a dungeon crawly game where he's created the world opposed to using a standard world like Faerun, Eberron, or otherwise. He intends for it to be roleplay heavy and hopes to find some 2-4 people who would be serious about it. He can be reached on Skype at Xyphileous or emailed at Take care and play some games!