Dragons of Tarkir League

The Dragons of Tarkir league has gotten underway! It's going to work just like the last one. That means that you start your pool with a Dragons Pre-Release box. After that, you may add two drafts each month to your pool (or open 3 packs in front of Jackson or another league player if you can't/don't draft), there is infinite in-league training (with no external incentives), minimum deck size of 60, as many copies of a card as you want in a deck. We'll still be playing for fun whenever you feel like it (Jackson has a great deck this time around).

One big difference from last time is that the packs in here are going to mostly be Dragons and Fate. You may only include Khans packs if we drafted them at the store. You cannot add them as just buying them. Also, the store is sold out of pre-release packs unlike when we had our Fate league. So you will either need to start with a pre-release pack that you got from elsewhere (if you didn't play here) or you will need to just add six boosters without the option of the seeded pack.

If you want to keep your Khans league deck together, there are a few things that you need to do if you are going to keep it in the store. First, you finalize your deck. That means that you move it from a fat pack into a deck box. You also drop it to 60 cards plus a 15 card sideboard. The last part of finalizing your deck is that you are permitted to proxy cards out (we realize that you might have money or standard playable cards in there and we don't want to tie them up forever). Second, you can only store legacy league decks in the locker where anyone is allowed to play with them.