Updates and new things

Hello everyone!

I am absolutely terrible at updating the website compared to the facebook page, but hopefully that is changing soon. Anyway, there are some new things on the horizon.
The biggest thing is that I will be taking a vacation from June 1st through June 8th. I've worked almost every day since the move on January 1st of 2015. That's a lot of days with no vacation. We WILL be open. Don't you worry. You'll be in Jordan's capable hands. Probably.

The 28th of May we will be having a Tier 4 Warmachine Tournament.

June 10th is the release of Eternal Masters. If you want to preorder a box, it will be 240 dollars barring some very particular circumstances. I will also be holding back somewhere between 3 and 6 boxes to hold drafts as well as have some boosters for sale individually.

June 29th~ is when the new edition of Warmachine/Hordes comes out. We will be doing the Full Steam Ahead event as well as a Journeyman's League. Additionally, all Warmachine/Hordes product on the wall goes back up to full retail instead of 20% off. If you participate in tournaments and win, I DO in fact factor this 20% off into you using your winnings. Snazzy, I know.

July 23rd-24th is a 25 hour event for D&D and Child's Play. Fund Raising, fun things, etc. I may even dance if we raise enough money. Who knows. It'll be fun.

As always, if you have questions please email, call, or post on our facebook page and let me know.