Genghis Con

This year, a number of our regulars are headed to Genghis Con. Genghis Con is a gaming convention taking place over President's Day Weekend (Thursday, 11-Feb through Sunday, 14-Feb). There are over 50 tables of D&D scheduled including 4 sessions of Fai Chen's Faire, the last chance anyone has to play a season 3 epic, the first chance to play some of the last expeditions of season 3, and a few tables of an author only game where Robbert Adduci will be running special Adventure League content that no one else is allowed to run. There are also plenty of non-D&D events like an auction; panels on cosplay and a cosplay contest; board games like Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Catan, and Game of Thrones; an Archer roleplaying game; Warhammer 40k tournament; LARPs including boffering zombies and a space sci-fi one made by DaKatt Industries; and a bunch more. You can learn more about it, register for day or weekend passes, and buy tickets to events at

We have a few of our regular D&D DMs running events and a few more playing as well. If you want to see what else people are playing in, want to coordinate rides, or want to coordinate room sharing: visit this google spreadsheet. The first two tabs are the same thing but laid out based on time vs player depending on how you want to prioritize scheduling. The last four are for coordinating things. Remember to sign up and buy tickets ahead of time through the official Genghis Con website ahead of time, merely signing up for the game on this spreadsheet is merely to help us coordinate what kinds of things we are going to do.