Oath of the Gatewatch Pre-Release (Jan 16-17)

So, Oath of the Gatewatch is coming up quickly. It's only next week. HOW CRAZY! They're also trying to push more Two Headed Giant into the format. Well, we're going to follow up on this due to how our community likes to play. That said, once a month we will be doing Two Headed Giant of some kind instead of a regular draft after Oath releases. With this, I will be hosting 2 of the Two Headed Giant events for the prerelease. The schedule will be as follows:

Friday January 15th - Midnight Sealed
Saturday January 16th - 11AM Two Headed Giant Sealed
Saturday January 16th - 3PM
Saturday January 16th - 8PM
Sunday January 17th - 11AM Two Headed Giant (If product lasts, if not it'll just be sealed)

I've acquired 90 pre-release boxes like for Zendikar. Let's make this event sell out as well. I am exceptionally proud of our community. Thank you all. You're wonderful and impress me every day.