Dungeons & Dragons Survey and Character Records

We've been running Adventurers' League at the store for some time now and with the new year, we are thinking of new ways that we can make it fun and exciting for everyone. We have a few ideas of our own in the pipes but want to solicit some of your feedback so we can make sure that we account for how you want to play. So, please fill out this survey and/or the character record based on the instructions below.

Additionally, one idea that our DM James put forth was to create a spreadsheet full of characters so he can know what tiers are like, which expeditions have been run too much, and what kinds of treasure people want. Feel free to add information to this spreadsheet. Unlike the survey, which is a pretty straightforward, this requires a bit of explaining. So here's a summary of the stuff that isn't too obvious

  • Characters
    • Player name: Your first name and last initial. Please don't include your full last name for privacy reasons.
    • Class: Just the class names separated by a single forward slash (/), we don't need levels in each or which path you took
    • Status: This tells us how often you use the character. Please chose one of the following:
      • Active: You regularly use this character
      • Unused: You have used this character in the past but not lately
      • Built: You have built this character and intend to use it in the store. Please do not include characters you just built because you enjoy building things, James mostly did this so you'd have more examples to draw from.
      • Retired: You no longer use this character and will not use them again because they have leveled out of AL play, they have died, or you no longer wish to use them.
    • Favorite: You may label your characters as either F for your favorite character overall, T for your favorite character in a tier, or N for everyone else on the list. You may only have one labeled F and one per tier labeled T (excluding the tier that has an F).
    • Notes: Other cool or identifying things about the character. Just don't make it too crazy long.
  • Expeditions Played In
    • An integer from 1 (hated it) to 5 (loved it) inclusive indicating how much you liked that adventure when that character went through it
    • The letter Y indicating that your character has played in it but that you don't remember how much you liked it
    • The letter L indicating that your character has leveled out of the tier without playing that expedition.
    • The letter W indicating that you would like to play your character in that expedition.
    • Leave it blank if your character has not played and you don't have a particular desire to play in it.
  • Things you want
    • Items: Specific items (+1 Rapier), types of items (finesse weapon), or describe the item's desired effect (something to make me miss less often with sneak attack).
    • Story: Story rewards, arcs, or themes you want your character to deal with.
    • Interactions: PCs or NPCs that you want to go on an adventure with.
    • Other: Other things your character wants.