New Owner

Hi, my name is James and as some of you already know I am in the process of buying Karliquin's from Jackson. He has advanced his career and was no longer going to be able to run Karliquin's. This is why I am here. I have just recently gotten access to the website and will be striving to update it.

In the end, remember I am here for you and you are my bosses, so feel free to ask anything of me.

Updates and new things

Hello everyone!

I am absolutely terrible at updating the website compared to the facebook page, but hopefully that is changing soon. Anyway, there are some new things on the horizon.
The biggest thing is that I will be taking a vacation from June 1st through June 8th. I've worked almost every day since the move on January 1st of 2015. That's a lot of days with no vacation. We WILL be open. Don't you worry. You'll be in Jordan's capable hands. Probably.

The 28th of May we will be having a Tier 4 Warmachine Tournament.

Shadows Over Innistrad Pre-Release (April 2nd-3rd)

Shadows Over Innistrad is this weekend, April 2nd and 3rd. I will have a midnight as always, but some people like to see a schedule as well. The schedule will be as follows:

Friday April 1st - Midnight Sealed
Saturday April 2nd - 11AM
Saturday April 2nd - 3PM
Saturday April 2nd - 8PM
Sunday April 3rd - 11AM (If product lasts, if not it'll just be sealed)

I've acquired 90 pre-release boxes like for Zendikar and Oath. Our allocation numbers should go up in the future, but they didn't for this event unfortunately.

D&D Easter Extravaganza

This Saturday we will be running a big D&D event since some people might want to take Sunday off for Easter. So, we're going to try and run 5 tables instead of the normal 2. This will give players who normally play Sundays at other stores the opportunity to get at least some D&D in. Hopefully this will be a good chance to meet people from nearby stores too.

Reward for DM Tip Jar Success!

The DM tip jar has runneth over. You guys have been far more generous than we dared to hope. We've used this bounty to pick up non-AL adventures, other content from the GM's guild, digital versions of maps, content for Fantasy Grounds that the store can use, and replaced some of the ungodly amount of printer ink AL consumes. However, since most of that doesn't benefit you guys directly, we wanted to make sure that you got something back too. To that end, we're making up cards to slide into some plastic name tents we have found.

Genghis Con

This year, a number of our regulars are headed to Genghis Con. Genghis Con is a gaming convention taking place over President's Day Weekend (Thursday, 11-Feb through Sunday, 14-Feb). There are over 50 tables of D&D scheduled including 4 sessions of Fai Chen's Faire, the last chance anyone has to play a season 3 epic, the first chance to play some of the last expeditions of season 3, and a few tables of an author only game where Robbert Adduci will be running special Adventure League content that no one else is allowed to run.

Oath of the Gatewatch Pre-Release (Jan 16-17)

So, Oath of the Gatewatch is coming up quickly. It's only next week. HOW CRAZY! They're also trying to push more Two Headed Giant into the format. Well, we're going to follow up on this due to how our community likes to play. That said, once a month we will be doing Two Headed Giant of some kind instead of a regular draft after Oath releases. With this, I will be hosting 2 of the Two Headed Giant events for the prerelease. The schedule will be as follows:

Battle for Zendikar Pre-release

I bet everyone is freaking out about the return to Zendikar as much as we are. Starting Friday September 25th at Midnight (Technically Saturday the 26th) we will have our first Battle for Zendikar Pre-release Event! It is 30 dollars which will get you a sealed box (that is not color specific this time around) and whatever other goodies there may be. Our prize support tends to be more "shallow" than big. If you win at least 2 of your rounds out of the 3 that will be held, you will get prizes based on how many people attend.