Magic League

If you want to get a little more out of your magic drafts, come join our Fate Reforged Magic League. It's a free to play format that offers an experience between limited and constructed.
The basic idea behind a league is that everyone in it gets a pool of random cards and builds the best deck that they can with it. Then you play against other people in the league who have decks that should have roughly similar power. The reason that this league gives you a bit more bang for your buck is that twice a month you can add your draft picks to your league pool to improve your deck. The full rules follow

  • Everyone starts with a pre-release pack from Fate Reforged. If you did multiple, you can pick which one to use. If you don't have one or disassembled all of yours, you can pick up a new one in the store for $25.
  • Twice a month, you can add your draft picks to your pool to increase the number of cards that you can build your deck from
    • You must decide after the draft if you will add it to your pool or not (but you do get to draft, build, and play with it to decide if you want to add it first).
    • You can only add two drafts per month, regardless of how many you participate in.
    • If you don't participate in two drafts in a month, you can add three boosters instead. You don't have to buy the boosters from the store, but you must open them in the store (so we know that you didn't just open 50 packs and take the best or something).
  • You are allowed to make any within league trades that you want
    • The trades must only involve league cards.
    • You don't have to make 1 for 1 trades
    • You may not promise favors (such as trading a nicer card next week or paying the price difference)
  • If possible, you should play at least one game per week.
  • You have the option to keep your cards in the store so that you don't have to carry them around or worry about forgetting them. If they are kept in the store they will be locked in the storage locker that the person working can open for you. You can chose to either have them stored in locker 1 (other people are allowed to play with them under supervision) or locker 2 (only you can use them).
  • You can play games wherever you want. We expect most games to happen before or after FNM. However, the person running the store has a deck so you'll always be able to find someone to play.
  • You have the option of supplying your deck and pool list. If you do, it'll be linked from this page.
  • You can join in late if you want to. Just buy in whatever products you missed and you're ready to go.

If you want to join or have any questions, contact James.