Sales and More

Going into the holiday seasons, we want to move product that may have been sitting for too long. Every day, starting on Monday the 16th we will have some kind of a sale. It may not be big, but it'll be something. We'll also have bigger sales closer to the holidays on products that just really need to unclutter space. You can expect discounts between 10-40% for various things. In addition to this, we'll be doing an incentive to purchase games for the Child's Play organization on top of some of these sales. If you buy a game this way, it'll be directly given to Child's Play in your name.

Battle for Zendikar Pre-release

I bet everyone is freaking out about the return to Zendikar as much as we are. Starting Friday September 25th at Midnight (Technically Saturday the 26th) we will have our first Battle for Zendikar Pre-release Event! It is 30 dollars which will get you a sealed box (that is not color specific this time around) and whatever other goodies there may be. Our prize support tends to be more "shallow" than big. If you win at least 2 of your rounds out of the 3 that will be held, you will get prizes based on how many people attend.

Origins Pre-Release Weekend!

Woo! We've got a long weekend ahead of us. Starting Friday July 10th at Midnight (Technically Saturday the 11th) we will have our first Origins Pre-release! It is 30 dollars which gets your sealed box, opportunities for whatever other goodies Wizards has sent, and the prize support for the event. We will also be having events on Saturday and Sunday in hopes of having multiple times that work for people. That said, our schedule will be as below.

New Roleplaying Groups

As summer approaches, we have two individuals who are looking to do something to pass the time. The first is our very own Ryan who wants to run a roleplaying group for those who "Wish to try roleplaying, get back into roleplaying, or are just generally new to roleplaying" given a variety of options. He wants to run this group on Mondays at a time that works for most of who are interested and will be running it in tandem with some other projects. Given this, he wants some feedback on what people would like to try.

Dragons of Tarkir League

The Dragons of Tarkir league has gotten underway! It's going to work just like the last one. That means that you start your pool with a Dragons Pre-Release box. After that, you may add two drafts each month to your pool (or open 3 packs in front of Jackson or another league player if you can't/don't draft), there is infinite in-league training (with no external incentives), minimum deck size of 60, as many copies of a card as you want in a deck. We'll still be playing for fun whenever you feel like it (Jackson has a great deck this time around).

Dragons of Tarkir Pre-Release Weekend

This is our first Big Set Pre-Release since moving and we hope you'll attend! We will be doing 5 events over the course of this weekend.

The times for the events will be as follows:

Friday the 20th at Midnight.
Saturday the 21st at 11AM, 3PM, and 8PM.
Sunday the 22nd at 11AM. This will also be a 2-Headed Giant Sealed Event.

Vote on Events

Now that things have normalized a bit in the store, we wanted to see what new kinds of events everyone would be interested in. Come vote on our poll so we can see what kinds of events everyone wants us to run!

Website Things

Hey everyone! Jackson here letting you know that now we have a captcha for creating accounts so that I don't just delete things that make no sense. Given this, we also have our board game players section getting updated as people sign up. This is a way for you to get in touch with other people about having game nights and so forth. Soon, we'll have a section similar to this about roleplaying. I know that I can see everyone who exists here, but maybe you can't and that sucks so we're working on it. Realistically, this post is about nothing important. Take care.

FNM Ride Sharing Rewards

For a while, until stated otherwise, if you bring at LEAST one other person to FNM and they pay to participate then the driver (or whomever they choose), will receive 1 booster pack of their choice from what we have in stock. We think it's a fair and fun way to reward you for helping us build and maintain our community.

Magic League

If you want to get a little more out of your magic drafts, come join our Fate Reforged Magic League. It's a free to play format that offers an experience between limited and constructed.